"Crisis Rises Resort" Workshop, autumn 2008

The site for my resort in crisis is situated in the south part of Sweden during a time when the northern hemisphere has become more and more polluted over the last decades. A thick cloud like pollution layer casts its shadow over the land that never sees the clear blue sky. All the birds that once could be observed in Falsterbo are now spending most of their time above the clouds and can't be seen from the ground.

To get a glimpse of what once was taken for granted the resort gives you the possibility to fly and swan just above the clouds with the birds.

As the difference between night and day blurs out in the fog, the idea is to arrive to the resort in the middle of the night, when it’s still dark outside. A path with a string of lights leads you through a changing, billowy landscape up to a glowing cloud like building. Behind the building a field of high poles and cables heaps up and you can see some twinkles in the mist. Inside the resort you get a pick nick-basket with your daily needs and are then led out in the field of poles by light and wooden walkways. Just before the sun rises the flying device takes off and slowly takes you through the layers of pollution up to the clear sky. Here you swan with the wind and birds for a day and when the sun starts to set, you will set back to land with the sun setting as your last memory.

        Scenario sketches Plan over building and landscape Elevation Zoomed in section Diagram over building functions What you see when you travel up through the pollution up to the sky View when coming up towards the building