Bachelor's Project spring 2009

The site for my Bachelor project is situated outside Skissernas Museum in Lund (Museum of Sketches). My building is an addition to the existing museum, with exhibition rooms in different sizes, garden rooms and workshop-space. My focus is to create a space where the circulation in the building is light and connecting the park outside with the courtyards of the museum. The exhibition rooms are enclosed and standing heavy on the ground in varying sizes. There is a lot of layering, where the line of sight is layered of inside and outside.

The material is purple oil-burned brick for the heavy exhibitionrooms, and glass with a white pillar system in the lighter parts.

Another part of my project is that I am creating a new sculpture park, which connects to the museum. There will be small pavilions in the park with warm climate all year around. These can be lend to artists for installations or used as warm green rooms during the colder seasons. There is an old back building on the site which I am turning into a public space with a café and shop. This will work as a passage between the sculpture park and museum.

    Process and diagram over the different floor levels Site plan Section through new addition and existing museum Plan over new and existing museum Section through park, café and new museum View over temporary pillar gallery
View from entrance
Section through existing museum and new addition View over museum courtyard                                                                                                      Facade and zoomed in section over connection between museum and park View over museum coming from north