Workshop together with Joanna Attvall, spring 2009

The thought is to provide a building for people that live at refugee camps as a consequence of war or climate catastrophes. These are situations of personal and human crisis in landscapes of more or less temporary insufficient dwellings. Part of the purpose of this building is to offer beautiful and expressive rooms for contemplation, consolation and grief. These are qualities of spaces that are lacking in refugee camps today.

This specific Community shelter is placed in Gihembe refugee camp in Rwanda, one hour north of the capital Kigali. There are 17500 refugees living in the camp. The refugees escaped from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and have now lived in the camp for up to ten years. The circumstances are very bad and there is a lot of violence and rape in the camp. There are several neighbourhoods in the camp and we want to place our community shelters in the borders of these existing neighbourhoods.

The idea of the project is that the flat-pack of building pieces can be transported and produced easily so that refugee camps in other areas of the world can have use of it as well.


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