LUND 2028
Studio project, spring 2008

In my future housing block I want to focus on the social aspects. To find rooms in the everyday life that can be shared by the residents. Rooms that create a reason for people to meet and that make people feel good.

My block of apartments has entrances towards the street and a more private inner court yard. The block consist of green-houses in the south that create a beautiful facade towards the existing bicycle path. Towards the bicycle path there is also a store where you can buy and sell plants and accessories.

In the block there is a one-storey house, a two-storey house and a three-storey house with different sizes on the apartments. This will hopefully generate a bigger diversity among the residents.

The greenhouses in my project are rooms that are shared between the residents. Even though the apartments differs in size they all have the greenhouses for use. Everyone in the block owns a small space in the greenhouse to grow on(if you don't want it you can rent it out) but you can stay in the whole area.

    Process, sketches and collages Site plan with surrounding housing blocks Plan over housing block with apartments and greenhouses Concept model Facade with movable sunblockers towards courtyard
Facade with different types of wood towards street
Process of townhouse plan Plan, townhouse ground floor Plan, townhouse first floor Illustrated plan of the communal greenhous, illustration froom greenhouse towards courtyard, illustration of housin gblock comming from east
Section through greenhous, courtyard and townhouse