Studio project, autumn 2007

A project that's about developing the creative process, where the departure is a non-architectural source of inspiration. We started off with a fantasy figure that consists of two different/repelling sides of personality. From the person you then developed a landscape, mileu, and after that a house or some sort of space in the landscape inspierd by the person and its needs. The last part of the project was to create a piece of furniture inspired by the person and its home. The focus in this project was the process and the development of the narrative.

The furnitures from this project participated at the Stockholm furniture fair, spring 2008.


The Lady

This is the lady I want to be when I'm 70 years old. She is a delightful grand-mother who likes to bake cookies, do knitting and spoil her grandchildren. At the same time she is an active society lady, who loves to throw a party, dress up in home made hats and crazy clothes. The contrasting personalities are illustrated with different materials such as lace and plastic. Scale 1:1

Skyscraper landscape

The house is standing in a landscape of high narrow skyscrapers. It is on the roof top of one of the skyspcrapers where my lady gets a view over the whole town. It is in a hectic area, but on the roof top it's calm.

Rose house

My lady has got a house with two separated spaces. One more traditional space with rooms for pottery and visiting grandchildren. The space on the roof terrasse explodes out from the house and creates a space with extravagant shapes and vivid colours. This is where she can throw her dinner and cocktail parties.


Chair PomPom-Pom

The chair is inspired by a traditional rocking chair, which later meets a more modern and sharper side. It's build out of dark burned metal and the seat is made out of yarn-balls in different shades of purple.